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Fire Armor

A true three-dimensional form fitting glove with a curved finger design, inset thumb with enhanced finger dexterity.

The one piece back shell is made from FR and water repellent 100% Kevlar knit fleece 7.5 oz. fabric with exceptional flexibility across back of hand. A non-restricting Eversoft® leather knuckle band is sewn across back for added knuckle protection. Elastic is sewn into wrist crease for close fitting cuff.

Back is lined with a layer of 6 oz. modacrylic non-melting and non-dripping liner.

  • 60+ TPP and class leading conductive heat transfer protection
  • FR water repellent 100% Kevlar® knit fleece t with 1 piece back shell
  • A layered non-restrictive knuckle patch
  • Extra layer of 6 oz. modacrylic liner sewn to the back shell
  • A double backed 3 mil breathable Pyrotect Barricade moisture barrier
  • 100% water proof, viral/chemical penetration resistance and blood borne pathogen protection
  • A layered 6 oz. 65% Kevlar®/35% Nomex® stitch bonded FR liner
  • Five separate curved form fitting forchettes made from 3.5 oz. to 4.0 oz. grain cow leather for maximum finger dexterity with a 60+ TPP rating
  • Exclusive breathable adhesive for ensuring full liner/barrier glove bonding
  • 1 piece palm 3.5 to 4.0 oz. Eversoft® cow leather tanned with additives to stay soft when wet and low water absorbance with repeated soakings for a 60+ TPP rating
  • 4” Black Nomex cuff with leather pull patch and hang up loop
  • This glove is proudly made in the USA with highly skilled employees
  • This glove is certified to NFPA NFPA 1971-2013 by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)

A double-backed 3 mil Pryotect Barricade moisture barrier is breathable, 100 % water proof, viral/chemical penetration resistant, and provides blood borne pathogen protection. Barrier extends full length of glove for complete protection​

The 6 oz. 65% Kevlar® and 35% Nomex® stitch bonded FR liner insulates the inside back of hand.

Five separate finger fochettes have curved and form fitted cut from 3.5 oz. to 4 oz. black Flexor cowhide tanned to meet NFPA flame test for the highest finger dexterity.

Special breathable adhesive is coated over entire finger, thumb and palm area, ensuring full liner/barrier/glove adhesion meets NFPA requirements for liner retention.

Palm is 1 piece  3.5 to 4.0 oz. Eversoft cow leather tanned to meet NFPA flame resistance test and treated with additives to stay soft when wet with low water absorbance during repeated soakings. Thumb is 2piece inset into palm to provide unrestricted movements of the thumb right to left.

Glove liner has a 2 inch grain leather cuff sewn inside glove wrist over top of the liner for the gauntlet model and bond with 1 1/2 inch black FR binding to finish cuff.

Wristlet model has a 4” Black Nomex® cuff with leather pull patch and hang up loop.

This glove is sewn completely with 30/3 Kevlar® thread.

This glove is certified to NFPA NFPA 1971-2013 by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI).

This glove is available in Gauntlet, Long Cuff, and Cadet sizes. Cadet size gloves have fingers about ½” shorter than Regular sizes. People with wider hands, or those who often find the fingers of regular size gloves to be too long, should consider ordering Cadet size

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