Picture of Interface Jacket

Interface Jacket

WBCI60Y – Yellow 6.0 oz. Nomex® IIIA CrewBoss Interface coat. WBCI75Y – Yellow 7.5 oz. Nomex® IIIA CrewBoss Interface coat. WBCI95Y – Yellow 9.0 oz. Indura® Ultra Soft® CrewBoss Interface coat.

The CrewBoss Interface Coat is ideal for the urban firefighter. Its unique cut provides superior thermal protection while allowing for an enhanced range of motion. With its full-cut design and caped shoulders, the Interface Coat provides the firefighter with a functional and comfortable fit.

Functionality is key on the fire line and the CrewBoss Interface Coat really delivers. With unidirectional front cargo pockets that conceal hand warmers, a large interior storage pocket and a radio pocket with a microphone tab, the Interface Coat makes life on the fire line simple with plenty of storage for extra gear.