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Large Diameter Supply & Attack Hose
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Outer jacket is made of spun polyester which provides excellent abrasion resistance.

  • Lightweight but tough and ready for action
  • Resistant to most chemicals, petrol products, ozone & UV exposure, hydrolysis, rot and mildew
  • Patented Mertex® lining process produces an amazingly thin but smooth inner waterway, yielding an extremely low friction loss for maximum flow
  • Permatek™ HP treatment in a variety of colors, for even greater visibility & abrasion resistance and greatly reduces moisture absorption through the jacket
  • Will remain flexible to -65º F (-55º C)
  • Choose 4” or 5” threaded aluminum Storz lightweight couplings
  • Available in the following colors: yellow, blue, green, red, orange, black, tan, and clear


  • Supplying stand pipe systems
  • Boosting pressure to pumps and aerial devices
  • Supply stand alone for portable hydrants and monitors
  • Potable water transfer

Permatek™ Treatment

Available in the following Colors : Yellow(Y), Blue(B), Green(G), Red(R), Orange(O), Black(K), Tan(T), and Clear C.

Locks fibers together for greater strength, reduces water pickup and absorption.

Provides protection against abrasion.

Yields an extremely low friction (pressure) loss because the Mertex® process fills the corrugations of the weave, which creates an amazingly thin

and smooth waterway.

Mertex® lined hose produces lower elongation under pressure. This means less pull back when water is suddenly shut-off, resulting in a safer hose

to work with.

Permits manufacturing to special lengths. Consult factory for details.

Welds the lining directly to the textile while the hose is being woven.

This allows the use of high strength Filament Polyester yarn to be used, due to the Mertex® process superior liner adhesion.

Locks fibers together for greater strength while still allowing for a high flexibility.

Creates a virtually inseparable bond without the use of adhesives. Huge advantage over competitors.