Picture of Sterling F-4 Escape System

Sterling F-4 Escape System

The F4 FireTech Escape System is UL certified to NPFA 1983, 2006 for Escape. This system offers the FireTech 32, the proven rope of FDNY. This kit also includes:


  • F4-50 Bag - low-profile bag with 2 velcro straps on the back for secure attachment to all common escape harnesses and belts up to 2” wide.
  • 50 ft FireTech 32
  • F4 Escape Device
  • SAFE-D Three-Stage Carabiner
  • Crosby FireFighter Anchor Hook

    This entire system weights only 3.15 lbs and along with the system being certified, each component is UL certified to NFPA 1983.