Picture of Morning Pride Helmet - Ben 2

Morning Pride Helmet - Ben 2

Morning Pride Ben-2 Plus With "EZ Flips." NFPA

Introducing the first-ever NFPA certified "EZ Flips"...only from Morning Pride. The Ben Franklin2 PLUS is the most durable composite helmet you can buy because the color molded throughout "FYR-Glass" Shell (including ridges) resists chipping, cracking and peeling far better than even Kevlar reinforced shells. The long term result is that the Ben2 is the most cost effective, lightweight composite traditional helmet. It offers comfortable fit, balanced feel, low head ride and light weight of "old" traditionals but with NFPA required performance levels. You simply can't beat Ben2's fit, comfort, performance, or price. This Ben2 now features new NFPA certified "EZ-Flips" that are visually and operationally indistinguishable.


  • Stronger, Lighter, and Less Expensive
  • Field Proven "FYR-Glass" Shell
  • Built-In Goggle Retention System
  • Best SCBA Interface. No Need to Adjust Suspension
  • Better Performance and Engingeered for Excellence

The Ben 2 Plus has:

  • Lower Ride: Our improved 8 point suspension and wider interior, coupled with the lowest center-of-gravity on the market, provides superior ride and fit.
  • More Comfortable: Specially made headliner cradles your head in comfort while it cushions overhead straps away from your hair and head.
  • Useable Hang-up Loops: Actually large enough to fit over a peg.
  • Best Range of Available Sizes: No need for small, medium or large headband sizes. With our improved headband/ratchet it will fit the largest range of hat sizes of any NFPA helmet on the market- from under 6 to over size 9.
  • Most Adjustable Headband: Four position depth adjustments, two at the front and two at the rear, makes it possible to fit almost any head with just a few quick and easy adjustments. No tools needed.
  • Protected Suspension Straps: Internally protected straps cannot be affected by external heat or flame.
  • Gold Plated Eagle: Looks fantastic! Won't bend and flop over like hollow brass holders do.
  • Improved “EZ-Flip” Eyeshields (NFPA 1971 Certified, 2007 Edition): now feature a full, hard, stainless steel main frame unit for maximum durability and functionality.
  • Supplied with Black Nomex Earlaps.

Morning Pride offers the best warranty in the business. "Morning Pride shall guarantee the helmets to be free from any defects in material or workmanship for the life of the product. In addition, manufacturer shall guarantee composite shells for 5 years and thermo-plastic shells for 3 years from the date of manufacture, should it wear out or be damaged during normal firefighting and/or training activities. This warranty excludes helmets or parts that are "lost" due to acts of nature or negligence."

6" Leather Fronts are sold seperately.