Picture of Hood 20% PBI, 80% Lenzing FR®

Hood 20% PBI, 80% Lenzing FR®

Alliance Fire and Rescue, Inc.

20% PBI, 80% Lenzing FR®


  • Knit fabric is breathable and one size fits all
  • Tunneled elastic face opening - 1/2” elastic is encased in fabric to ensure snug and durable fit, especially when wearing SCBA masks
  • Flared neck design with the gusset provides the best combination of protection, comfort and mobility
  • Flatlock seams add strength and extra comfort
  • This fabric combination is light weight and breathable while providing the flash fire protection required
  • Lenzing® FR fiber helps reduce costs and provides greater comfort than Nomex® hoods
  • NFPA 1971-2007 Edition

All AFR hoods are made from fire resistant, 2 ply knit fabrics (ranging in weight from
6.5oz./sq. yd. to 8.5oz./sq. yd.) and are certified to NFPA 1971-2007 standard for
structural fire fighting. The hood is 20" in total length with a back gusset that allows it to
lay flat around the neck. This hood is also highly suitable for the industrial and
utility marketplace. All hoods can be laundered.

About Lenzing FR®
Lenzing FR® can be found wherever there is a need for flame resistance. The TPP values of Lenzing FR® are first rate and it considerably enhances the performance of aramid fibers. The break open behavior of protective clothing is improved following exposure to flames and heat. The skin continues to be protected. Lenzing FR® offers anyone in the emergency services excellent protection from 2nd and 3rd degree burns. And it goes one step further since its physiological properties reduce the risk of heat stress and heat stroke.