Picture of Emergency Medical Services(EMS) Clothing

Emergency Medical Services(EMS) Clothing

Morning Pride by Honeywell Emergency Medical Services(EMS) Clothing     

Morning Pride by Honeywell EMS clothing is certified to NFPA 1999, 2003 edition. These 2-layer (standard) garments feature a slim profile, since EMS applications require frequent confined space operations. Along with Technical Rescue and Recovery and Structural TAC clothing, they have the slimmest profile styling of all our clothing systems. Winter liners are available. EMS garments feature a sewn-in moisture barrier, with full Tail and pant fly inspection ports.
EMS Clothing Features

  • Two-layer (Shell/Liner) common sense design. This allows the shell to take the punishment of daily use but protects the pathogen/moisture barrier, unlike single-layer tri-laminate designs. Tears in our shell do not compromise integrity of bloodborne protection and can be repaired locally. The two layer system has been widely preferred in the field and allows onsite customization (patches, rank upgrades, etc.).
  • Zipper and hook and loop closure to allow tailored, integrated collar design.
  • A liner inspection port opening at the Tailâ„¢ and a means of liner inspection at the pants fly
  • Sewn-in moisture barrier

 Partial List of Options

  • Removable Moisture Barrier
  • Hideaway hood
  • Fleece vested liners, attached via zipper

Non-FR Colors

  • Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Bright Lime, and Bright Orange

FR EMS Colors

  • Bronze, Natural, Black, Tan, Yellow, Red, Navy, and Royal Blue