Morning Pride® TAILS™ - Structural Turnout Gear

Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™: The best just got better
Manufacturers: Honeywell HFRP , Morning Pride

Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™ have been re-engineered using advanced patterning technology to provide a better fit, new features, and allow more range of motion and protection. The new Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™ have added new ergonomic and safety refinements.

The new Morning Pride® TAILS™ system combines advanced pattern engineering with reduced weight to give you a better range of motion, increased protection, and improved ventilation. By strategically reducing exessive overlap at the front of the coat and adding length to the back, the TAILS™ system significantly improves mobility in the front and maximizes protection in the back.

Now, all firefighters, including larger and smaller sized responders, can expect greater comfort, mobility and safety on the fireground.

Features and Benefits:

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The Benefits You Rely On:

  • Power: Supports your every move for reduced physical stress
  • Endurance: improve your endurance
  • Protection: Innovations that maximize protection
  • Agility: Redesigned ergonomics enable unobstructed movement
  • Comfort: Precise fit increases comfort and protection

Available Coat and Pant Closure Systems:

  • Zipper / hook and loop
  • Hooks and D-ring outside flap / hook and loop (standard coat closure; optional FDNY coat closure available)
  • Hooks and D-ring inside flap / hook and loop (Chicago coat closure)
  • Hook and D-ring with hook and loop pant closure

Certification – NFPA 1971



Popular Coat Options

  • Dead Air Thermal Enhancement Panels Reinforcements
  • Comfortable Chinstraps
  • Half-height Bellows Pockets – 6˝ x 9˝ x 1.5˝
  • Leather or Ara-shield® Cuffs, Shoulder Caps and Elbows
  • Lettering on Back Patch
  • Radio Pocket– 8˝ x 3˝ x 2˝
  • Microphone Tab
  • Long Tabbed Nomex® Wristlets
  • Choice of Required Trim Packages

Popular Pant Options

  • Knee Protection
  • Postman Take-up Straps
  • Leather or Ara-shield® Knees
  • Bellows Pockets– 9˝ x 9˝ x 1.5˝
  • Heavy-duty Red or Dyna-Fit Suspenders
  • Choice of Required Trim Packages

Certified Escape Systems

  • Spider™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness with A-frame
  • Patriot™ Harness – Integrated Class II safety and rescue harness
  • Life Grip™ Ladder / Escape Belt – Functional and fully adjustable escape belt